Blood Brothers

In theaters from wednesday 18 march 2009

Action Drama Romance | 95" | China ( People's Republic)

BLOOD BROTHERS takes place in 1930s Shanghai, a city in its prime; a flourishing modern-day Babylon, replete with warlords, politicians, wealthy industrialists, courtesans and gangsters. Kang (Liu Ye), Fung (Daniel Wu) and Xiao Hu (Tony Yang), three innocent young men, have arrived to this seeming paradise in search of a better life. As time passes, each is forced on a different path, but all face a life of crime. Kang, craving power is the most ambitious. Fung, content with his simple village life but forced to seek refuge in Shanghai, is thrust into a world of violence where, surprisingly, he discovers a heroic side to his character. With tragic inevitability Fung falls in love with the beauty Lulu (Qi Shu), a gorgeous free spirit who dreams of stardom. Along the way, Fung befriends Mark (Chen Chang), a charismatic enforcer, who seeks the righteous path, but is tormented by his past. Xiao Hu is the most innocent and naïve, blindly admiring his brother Kang, whom he would follow to the ends of the world. With the backdrop of decadence, life takes a difficult turn for all when a forbidden love affair is exposed. Friends turn against friends, brother against brother. The days of innocence have passed; they must stand up as men and make their choices.


Alexi Tan

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