Tales From Earthsea

In theaters from wednesday 16 may 2007

Adventure Animation | 115" | Japan

A ship sails through the coarse sea. The captain orders one of his men to calm the sea, but he is unable to discern it's true name. Suddenly, two dragons appear from the dark clouds and the balance of the world is upset... A man named Ged sets out on a journey, searching for the source of this unbalance and damaging disturbances to the world. Ged, who is often hailed as ''Lord Archmage'', is a wise man and the greatest of all wizards! During his journey, Ged stumbles upon the Prince of Enlad, Arren, as well as Therru, Tenar, and many more enemies and allies. He has a mission to accomplish, but at what cost? Once Man and Dragon were one. Man chose Land and Sea, Dragon chose Wind and Fire


Goro Miyazaki

Tales From Earthsea

thursday 29 may 2008 - Sold

tuesday 29 april 2008 - Rental

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